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About The Founder

Mrs. Nalini Vemulkar

This is her first venture as a Women Entrepreneur. Her Passion story is the perfect example of running after passion instead of success.

She is very ambitious, her passion for professionalism & good governance is an achiever in helping the company adapt to an ever-changing business domain.

It is important for an entrepreneur to be present at the right time and at the right place. With her experience, the company will be able to scale Higher & identify new Market opportunities in Region Karnataka, Goa & Maharashtra State.

Our brand's USP is the business model, which includes design, production, distribution, and sales, through our exclusive retail network.

Mrs. Nalini unknowingly had hit the bull’s eye when she got associated with three other women entrepreneurs working towards excellence in the women’s fashion brand and believes in pursuing business through innovation. The story behind the brand is as awe-inspiring as the woman who created it

Our goal is to be a leader in the Women's wear industry by providing enhanced products, services, relationships, and profitability.

Firstmark Lotus Collection

Firstmark, is a clothing company dedicated to the apparel needs of modern Indian women. Starting from the signature cotton that our beautiful garments are woven from, the clothing in our colorful collections is created dye to drape, stencil to stitch, and cut to finish by our in-house designers and artisans.

Our skill & expertise in traditional and ethnic designs & prints, merged seamlessly with modern silhouettes and shapes make our clothes the perfect combination of comfort & style.

With special emphasis on skin tone match & color compatibility, our fabrics range from warm & cool colors for all types of customers. Additionally, we are constantly creating, combining & recreating our in-house, block-print designs to ensure a consistent release of attractive apparel, season after season.

Stitching all this together is our value system & guiding principles that ensure safe, sustainable & supportive environments for our artisans & designers to create the clothes you see. While our products get our complete focus, our priorities are balanced among business, growth & the upliftment of our own artisan community.

Every piece of clothing that you buy from us, comes with its own story. So come, let’s co-create your style and our stories together.

Thanks to our innovative and service-oriented approach, Legacy & Looms has been highly successful since day one. Browse our site and get in touch if you need any assistance. Happy shopping!

Our beautiful collections would not exist today if not for the efforts of our dedicated team of designers and artisans. Our certified, seamless and qualitative process we have put in place to create, with care, unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.

As should be, our process starts with putting ourselves in our customer's shoes and conceptualizing a collection to suit the needs of the conscious, aware & active modern Indian women. Scratch up from ideation, brainstorming, and conceptualization, our In-house design teams create and curate the drapes, the silhouettes, the color & the prints for each ensemble.

This final plan is then sent to the execution teams. Our sourcing unit procures fabric, woven from signature cotton, from the artisanal community. The fabric is brought to our in-house dyeing & printing unit, where our resident artisans, with expertise & skill honed by years of practice, proceed to dye the fabric to suit the color selections for the design. The prints, carved upon blocks of wood by craftsmen block-makers, are then used to create the vivid patterns we see on the fabric, which are hand-placed by resident artisans.

The developed fabric then moves to our construction unit where our in-house team of master tailors then cut & sew the printed fabrics and bring to reality, wonderful masterpieces, ready to adorn our beloved customers. The clothing collections are then cataloged, packaged with care, and sent to the showrooms for display & sale, where our friendly front-end team helps the customers select and make their purchases.

We take great pride and care deeply grateful to our entire team for making efficiency & innovation, some of our constantly growing facets.

"Firstmark Lotus Collections"

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